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Wilson Creative formed in 2008 as a full service digital media design agency offering clients high quality design as well as affordable paper print and multimedia production. Our experience and expertise enables us to provide a fresh and innovative approach to technology and design in response to an ever-changing environment across all mediums.

Wilson Creative is one of the most creative and technically diverse agencies in Northern Ireland at present. With a young, fresh and innovative team, we stand out from our competitors because of the unique and professional service we provide. We are extremely competitive in our field and are recognised for our value for money approach.

Our team consists of highly qualified and highly skilled individuals. Working with a wide and varied range of clients throughout numerous industry sectors, our mix of knowledge and experience continues to deliver successful strategies and solutions.

To ensure continued success in all existing and new contracts, we offer a complete service to all of our clients in custom tailor made websites, content management systems, branding, user experience design, project management, initial concept development, design for print, advertising and visualisation of concepts, range of paper printing and mutlimedia duplication.

All of the above mentioned services are provided in-house thus ensuring cost effective and high quality guaranteed work.

Taking full advantage of our effective and efficient working procedures, Wilson Creative can successfully work to tight deadlines facilitating clients in achieving their objectives and proactively taking them to new levels of success within their industry.
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