Artwork Templates

CD DVD Duplication Artwork Templates

This page gives the required design specifications and guidelines for our most popular products including disc on body print and paper parts print for CD duplication and DVD duplication.

All templates are available to download in PDF format. These can then be easily imported directly into the design software of your choice, whether it is Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark or another software program.
Artwork Specifications

All artwork must be a Minimum 300 dpi
Design and layers should be flattened and in CMYK
Minimum Text Size: 7 point, do not use very fine fonts
The use of complex gradients for onbody disc artwork should be kept to a minimum to prevent banding.
Please follow the templates guides very carefully. A 3mm bleed is required on all printed parts
Do not crop the inner hub/circle of your on disc design. Continue on with the colour or image.

Please return your files to us in the following File Formats
Illustrator: convert all text to outlines, save as .ai file
Photoshop: merge, flatten or rasterize all layers, including all separate design layers and provide any non standard fonts on artwork disc. Save as photoshop .psd
Indesign: convert all text to outlines, hide any template layers and export as PDF at high quality print setting
PDF – Create a high resolution flattened print ready version
JPG – Highest resolution setting your software program allows.
CD and DVD Duplication Templates

To download our templates please right click on the desired template and click “save target as” and save to your computer.

CD/DVD On-body Print
CD/DVD On-body Print (Black Text)
CD/DVD On-body Print (Greyscale and Full Colour)

CD Booklets/Tray Cards
CD Jewel Case 2 page Insert
CD Jewel Case 4 page Folded Booklet
CD Jewel Case 6 page Roll-Fold Booklet Inner
CD Jewel Case 6 page Roll-Fold Booklet Outer
CD Jewel Case 8 page Stapled Booklet
CD Jewel Case Tray Card Inner
CD Jewel Case Tray Card Outer

DVD Inlay/Booklet
DVD 14mm case Inlay/Coversheet
DVD Case 4 Page Folded Booklet

CD/DVD Card Wallet
5″ CD/DVD Card Wallet

Our 10 Step Guide to Using Our PDF Templates

Download the required pdf template from Template Downloads by right clicking and saving to your computer
Start your preferred design application and from within your application open the pdf template
If prompted by your application be sure that you open at 300 pixels per inch in the correct colour mode.
Lock the template and keep it visible as a background layer
Overlay your design and text layers checking that all text falls within the permitted areas
For paper parts designs ensure you provide a 3mm bleed where indicated on the template (On body designs do not require bleed)
Convert all text to outlines if working in a vector application
For on body designs hide any template layers before saving
For paper parts designs flatten template layers before saving
Save your design in the correct file format including all required design layers (Provide a printed content proof or a flattened reference file for each page of your designs).

Artwork Design Amendments

If we receive designs that are not to the correct specification we will have to correct the designs inhouse. Amendments are charged as follows:
General design amendments: £25 per hour
Re-size design if possible: £5 per template page
Add artwork to correct template: £5 per design file

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